Non-Tobacco Related Material (NTRM)

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This issue is one of Sunel's top priorities. Sunel NTRM Management starts during contracting period with farmers and continues intensively until the end of processing. As Sunel, we work diligently to create NTRM-free products for our customers both on the field and in our facility.


Sorter One: Optic Sorter/Hauni AeroSorter 1800

Foreign materials are detected with 3 camera systems with 20 m/s hauling speed (4 times faster than other transports with tape) and put out with compressed air jets. Foreign material separation is fulfilled with two steps.

At the first step, tobacco is lifted at a speed of 20m/s, and heavy foreign materials (wood, stones, etc) are left behind

At the second step, light foreign materials (rope, feather, pvc based materials, synthetic based materials, grass, trash etc.) are detected with photos taken by 3 integrated cameras (at a rate of 9000 per second) and pushed out by compressed air jets. The machine was determined to be 87% accurate by a CIT test.

Sorter Two: Laser Sorters by Tomra

Two types of sorters (2 pcs Stratus & Helius) are used at this stage. With up to twelve individual laser signals, the Helius Tobacco free fall laser sorter detects all non-tobacco related material (NTRM) from a stream of product. Besides the conventional sorting methods such as color, structure and size, the Helius Tobacco sorting machine is able to sort based on biological characteristics, invisible to the human eye. Combined with our patented Fluo technology, the sorter detects the slightest shades of chlorophyll to create an even better contrast between the good product and defects.

  • Gross defect sorter
  • Mono-layer (big) leaf product flow
  • Sorting before threshing
  • Capacity of four tons/hour
  • Modular and scalable installation
  • Cost-effective solution for GLT’s
  • Gentle product handling