Sunel contracts directly with an estimated with 10,000 farmers for 15,000 tons of unprocessed tobacco leaf. Sunel’s innovative approach, pays close attention to traceability, which is managed by our experts with the help of our in-house built online systems. This process is overseen closely at all stages from farm to packed carton (C48). Our warehouse has a storage capacity of 10,000 tons of green tobacco (unprocessed) located at our headquarters with an additional 10,000 tons of storage space located nearby (35 km away at our facility in Armutlu, İzmir). Sunel is the local Tobacco industry leader in terms of integrated facility size under one roof, technical ability, state of the art processing machinery, modern laboratories, and quality control systems, and has a history of pioneering innovations in process improvements. With these strengths, we are able to process 240 tons of green tobacco per day. Two different blends can be processed at the same time. Sunel provides 100% NTRM (Non Tobacco Related Material) screening for all its tobacco throughput.

Processed tobacco is packed in C48 cartons and stored in both our HQ and Armutlu warehouses with a total capacity of 32,000 tons. Sunel has expanded its operation from Turkey to Albania by forming a new company to enrich its tobacco varieties.

Sunel is the pioneer of Organic Izmir Tobacco cultivation. Being a local company, we have closer and more sociable relations with our farmers. Due to the magnitude of Gurel Holding operations close ties are made with all levels of government.

We have a strong presence in the Board of Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Tobacco Exporters Federation and Turkish Exporters Assembly. Our operations are run by professional management and guided by steering committees. This unique agricultural approach has fostered tremendous confidence in Sunel, leading major tobacco companies to favor us with premium supplier status.

We think globally and act locally!