Insect Treatment

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This issue is another priority of Sunel. State-of-the-art technology is being used in Controlled Atmospheric rooms to ensure pest management.

Method One: CAT (Controlled Atmosphere Treatment)

INSECT TREATMENT starts with periodic and effective cleaning operation inside the premises.  

Sunel was the first in its sector to have CAT rooms installed in its premises to kill all insects in all life stages. This process is 100% natural and residue-free. It has no influence on quality, colour and taste of tobacco.


- 100% non-toxic treatments; 
- No residual chemical; 
- Reduced health and safety effects compared to chemical fumigations; 
- Independent of ambient atmospheres; 
- Can be retrofitted in existing production processes; 
- Eradicates insects in all development stages, including the Phosphine Resistant Tobacco Beetle.

Method Two: DRY ICE APPLICATION (Cryonite)

The process involves spraying all the cracks, ventilation holes and door seals by a cryolite-ice gun. Pressurized liquid carbon dioxide is applied to freeze and eliminate all living beetles within the area.